A Message to Grade 12s (Part I)

My first year is winding down (not really – the end hits you like a train) and I learned a few lessons this year that I would like to share with you but also would like to share some tips on how to enjoy your last few months of high school.

Let us begin

Enjoying high school. People either absolutely LOVE or haaatee high school, for me high school was amazing! I was super involved, it was a loving and open environment, and I tried to be at least friendly with everyone. It’s safe to say that I lowkey miss it, things were very simple. The end of high school is bittersweet TBH. I was so excited to start my new adventure in Toronto but I was sad that the faces I saw on a day-to-day basis would only become once every 6-12 weeks. Therefore, I want to give you tips on how to enjoy your last few months as much as possible. Here are some suggestions I have for you:

  1. Grades aren’t everything! You may feel as though you need that 95 to stay accepted into your program but let’s face it – you worked hard, you got in, you can maintain your acceptance very easily.
  2. Go to that club meeting you never went to in grade 9. Like I said I was involved in everything in high school. I don’t think there was a week where I didn’t miss at least one day because I was planning, organizing, or apart of some school activity. I met new friends and grew closer with my friends that way (This would help you a lot if your friends are leaving next year and you’re staying home). It also led me towards my career goals of being a teacher. It may sound cheesy but I learned a lot about myself through the clubs I was in and that’s why I suggest going.
  3. Befriend your teachers. Wanting to be a future teacher I know that befriending my students is going to be so important to me. Your teacher’s are like your second set of parents, they want the best for you, they watch you grow, and they genuinely love you. My favourite thing is seeing a text or a friend request from a former teacher or even a like on one of my tweets (follow me on twitter @vincepelaia). Teachers are your friends and they are humans and they grow connections with their students – they do see you everyday for 4 years (@MyFrenchImmersionFriends).
  4. Go to as many parties as possible! I don’t have to explain this but like it means you’re having fun. Who knows if all of you will be there again next year to celebrate again (you also might see me there TBH)  Image result for party gif
  5. Go to your graduation ceremony and prom. Convocation was boring… but fun to cheer on your friends as they walk across the stage and get their (fake) diploma. Also have fun with your outfit that day. I wore bright red converse because why not! My friend wore pink stiletto heels and was the talk of the night (she could walk in them… don’t wear something you can’t walk in). Prom is just a fun time to enjoy you last night as a high school student and to dress up. Most importantly go to the after parties. I was the “Mom” of the after parties; bring water, a first aid kit, a chair (maybe two), blankets and paper towel. I’m not gonna say why… but you’ll find out. 
  6. Participate in all those grade 12 activities. Yearbook ideals (I’m most likely to travel the world), grade 12 pranks (My school did a charitable prank where we collected money for Our Kids Count to get pink flamingos taken off the football field) and any other activities your school plans because it’s a blast!
  7. Finally, do not stress about next year. It may seem like a big change but it’s really not. You’ll make new friends and get good grades. Live life in the moment and always make room for fun.



(Part II: A Message to Future First Years)





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