Weather Permitting

I have officially been home for one week and it sure has be interesting…

Unfortunately, the weather has put a damper on my adventures. I was hopeful over the weekend though! I took the hard roof off my car, replaced it with a soft top and then this ice storm happened! The weather back here has been the typical weather that Thunder Bay has… completely unpredictable!

Now mark this day in your calendars (April 26, 2017)… Thunder Bay, ON looks the way Arendelle did when Elsa ran away and “Let it Go” in Frozen!  

I mean I sound surprised but a freak snowstorm is normal here. I remember snow days happening the last week of April for like 3 (now 4) years in a row. This weather is temporary but sucks because it was 20C like two weeks ago! I’m a little bitter you can say.

Besides the weather, the hardest transition back home has been getting into a routine. I was hoping to have a job interview or even a second job by now but there’s nothing as of right now… just sticking to the TR grind for now. Then I also feel like I have all this free time on my hands! There’s nothing to study for, no essays to write, what am I supposed to do?!?! Plus, I’m waking up early to drive my younger brother to school so I can have the car for the day. All this time and the weather isn’t cooperating but I am doing the finer things in life. I’ve been reading books I own but never started. I’ve been going to cute coffee shops, getting gelato (on the one nice day) and walking my dog.

In order to enjoy this weather I suggest cozying up in bed, lighting a candle, drinking some tea, and burry yourself in a good book or a dramatic movie. It’s a treat yourself kinda week and right now you have no responsibilities except to take care of yourself.

On the upside, things are about to get a lot less dull! Squad is coming home and will be reunited Saturday. Seeing my best friends and driving around with no aim except to just be together is all I need to start off my adventures.

Hopefully the sun starts shining and warmer weather comes soon.

Until next time,



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