Adventure Time: Boulevard Lake

If you grew up in Thunder Bay there’s a 90% chance that you’ve been to Boulevard Lake at least once. It’s a man made lake where the Current River runs into it and a dam is used to contain the water to essentially create a lake. Boulevard Lake is a Thunder Bay classic because of the trail that surrounds it.

The trail caters to many, whether it might be walking your dog, taking a bike ride or just taking a stroll with your friend, it’s a place enjoyed by most (if not all) of Thunder Bay.

Boulevard gets a bad rep because of it’s continuing history with e coli. There are many swimming spots around the trail but because of how dirty the water is the lake get chirped. However, there’s so much to do there besides swimming!

The walk is probably my number one thing. One summer my friends and I probably walked around it once a week. The walk hosts many art pieces, picnic benches, and other places you can stop and enjoy yourself. There is also a disc golf course. Although, one of my favourite things to do is mini putt… mostly because I’m great and always win! If I can’t mini putt I usually walk around the area lower to the dam

Walking through the dam area and under the bridge was what my friend Crystal and I did. We first went there to play mini putt but it was closed so we did the next best thing and decided to walk around a bit. We walked through the rocky river like area where the rocks look like the fake rocks that amusement parks use for water rides. Then we walked closer to the river and then basically started hopping on rocks like a frog on lily pads. This part wasn’t fair because Crystal has long legs and had good shoes on. I have average legs and was wearing Toms! I almost fell into the water because of her! Thats okay though because I made it to the road in one piece.

Once we got to the road, we discovered this electric car race track near Cumberland street. I died of laughter because why should that exist!? Anyways, like anyone in their right mind would do, we decided to race. We started and I was in the lead but there was one turn that got to me and Crystal took the race (but it also could have been because of her long arms reaching for what decided who wins).

I think the lesson learn from this classic Thunder Bay adventure is that even if you do something a million times there’s always something new to discover!

Happy adventuring!



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