My name is Vincent Pelaia. I’d say that I’m a pretty simple person, I’m awake during the day, asleep(ish) at night, eat when I need to, use the washroom for the same reasons. #NORMALITY I’m currently living in Toronto, ON and studying French, English and Education at Glendon College, York University. Although, I’m from the beautiful but sketchy city of Thunder Bay, ON.

I moved away for of those stereotypical reasons…  “I want an adventure!” “I want to see the world and try new things!” and my favourite “I want out of this hell hole” … those were my reasons and probably are reasons that others have too. Moving away taught me one thing though: Thunder Bay is actually a beautiful city! It’s not a hell hole like how I thought for so long. It’s funny because I heard that exact thing from dozens of teachers, friends, and strangers but never believed it until leaving.

It’s for that exact reason why I’m starting this blog. I want to explore my hometown inside and out but I also want to enjoy my summer with my best and close friends before planting roots in the big city with my friend next year. I also want to share my experiences with people around the world to show my appreciation for Northwestern Ontario.

To my fellow adventurists: I created a list of adventures that I am determined to complete by the time my BA and BEd are complete! That’s 5 more years… sounds like a lot of time right?!?! Hopefully I can make a dent in my list:

  • Try as many local restaurants as possible
  • Hike Mount McKay
  • Hike The Sleeping Giant
  • Visit Kakabeka Falls
  • Silver Falls Provincial Park
  • High Falls Provincial Park
  • Visit Rabbit Mountain
  • Visit a surrounding mining town
  • Visit Ouimet/Eagle Canyon
  • Explore Mission Island Marsh
  • Go to Wolf River Falls
  • Walk across the Pass Lake bridge
  • Explore Little Falls
  • Go to the Tree Farm
  • Chill at the Grain Elevators
  • Day trip to Grand Marais 
  • Drive to Flett Tunnel
  • Visit the Terry Fox Memorial
  • Go to the Thunder Bay Museum
  • Visit Pigeon River Provincial Park
  • Take the classic Centennial Park pictures
  • Be artsy at the Conservatory
  • Strawberry pick at Belluz farm
  • Day trip at the Cascades
  • Boat Tour of Prince Arthur’s Landing (The Marina)
  • Walk Boulevard Lake at sunset (don’t get stabbed)
  • Merla Mae Ice Cream as much as possible
  • Make a Time Capsule (to be opened when I graduate)