Adventure Time: Sliver Falls

The time has finally arrived! Thursday May 11, 2017 is the day that Thunder Bay finally got adventure worthy weather! To start off the adventure season, I made my way over to Silver Falls, about a 45 minute drive North West of Thunder Bay, ON. Oddly enough, this adventure wasn’t on my original list (but it’s on there now and it feels damn good to cross it off!). That just goes to show you how plans change.

You might be asking how I came across this gem of a spot? Well… I’m here to tell you and give you some tips to having a good hike up at Silver Falls!

I found Silver Falls through an Instagram post a few days ago and it looked beautiful! So like anyone would do, I added the destination to the list. It turns out Silver Falls is actually a Provincial Park and very easy to get to.

You travel up Dawson Rd. and turn right onto Silver Falls and follow that road until either the Ontario Power Plant (which is where the hiking trail is) or until the end of the road where there is a camping ground (you can guess what else has been added to the list). A more detailed description will be attached here.

In terms of the hike it’s fairly easy! The hardest part for me was walking up the road where the path divides because I was baking in the sun, without a water bottle and the road is fairly steep! Although, as soon as you get on the path again it feels good. A few things I recommend if you’re going on this hike:

  1. Bring a backpack! This is important because you have to carry all your stuff.
  2. A journal is a must! I stopped at a few places to write and observe. The hike and path reminded me a lot of a hike I went on in Arizona and I drew inspiration from it (tune in next week… maybe sooner).
  3. Water bottle… you gotta stay hydrated kids! (In other words: Do as I say not as I do! I’m writing this blog to help you on your adventures.)
  4. Extra socks because it’s a pretty muddy trail (especially this time of the year because the snow is just melting). My socks and shoes were black after this hike! 

    They got a lot worse…
  5. When it’s actually summer time the river is pretty clean and calm in many places… that means great for swimming! I suggest bring some swim gear (or don’t, skinny dipping might be your thing).
  6. A camera or GoPro is a must! Although, try to remember to live in the moment and take in your surroundings. Don’t try to focus on that perfect shot, all you’ll be doing is hiding behind technology. Go out and explore nature!

I took the hike on my own. I needed a day of personal reflection, where I focused on myself. I found that on the drive out there my mind was wondering, thinking about nonsense. The hike offered me a lot of time to reflect on all my relationships in life, my school year, my job situation, my future and so much more. As soon as I got to the falls I was at easy. There’s something about a body of water that just takes over me and makes me feel at home (that’s one reason why I tattooed Poseidon’s symbol on my wrist). I was able to write in my journal, observe nature and my favourite: listen to the roar of the rapids and falls. On the drive back I was calm, cool, collected. I didn’t have thoughts running in and out of my head, I was at easy.

This hike is perfect if you need a day trip for yourself and focus on you! Just make sure someone knows where you are and when you should be returning because you could get lost and there isn’t cell coverage out there. I do suggest going with friends during the summer months! It’s a smooth drive out there, great hike and a fun place to chill by the water and swim a bit. Really, this path works for both introverts and extraverts. Also, if you want to swim but don’t want to hike, the Silver Falls Provincial Park campgrounds has a nice beach area that you just drive up to.DCIM100GOPROG0010061.JPGIf I had to grade this experience, I’d give it an A.

Happy adventuring!

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Weather Permitting

I have officially been home for one week and it sure has be interesting…

Unfortunately, the weather has put a damper on my adventures. I was hopeful over the weekend though! I took the hard roof off my car, replaced it with a soft top and then this ice storm happened! The weather back here has been the typical weather that Thunder Bay has… completely unpredictable!

Now mark this day in your calendars (April 26, 2017)… Thunder Bay, ON looks the way Arendelle did when Elsa ran away and “Let it Go” in Frozen!  

I mean I sound surprised but a freak snowstorm is normal here. I remember snow days happening the last week of April for like 3 (now 4) years in a row. This weather is temporary but sucks because it was 20C like two weeks ago! I’m a little bitter you can say.

Besides the weather, the hardest transition back home has been getting into a routine. I was hoping to have a job interview or even a second job by now but there’s nothing as of right now… just sticking to the TR grind for now. Then I also feel like I have all this free time on my hands! There’s nothing to study for, no essays to write, what am I supposed to do?!?! Plus, I’m waking up early to drive my younger brother to school so I can have the car for the day. All this time and the weather isn’t cooperating but I am doing the finer things in life. I’ve been reading books I own but never started. I’ve been going to cute coffee shops, getting gelato (on the one nice day) and walking my dog.

In order to enjoy this weather I suggest cozying up in bed, lighting a candle, drinking some tea, and burry yourself in a good book or a dramatic movie. It’s a treat yourself kinda week and right now you have no responsibilities except to take care of yourself.

On the upside, things are about to get a lot less dull! Squad is coming home and will be reunited Saturday. Seeing my best friends and driving around with no aim except to just be together is all I need to start off my adventures.

Hopefully the sun starts shining and warmer weather comes soon.

Until next time,